Cranberry Bliss Bars now at Starbucks!

Evening, dear readers:

I headed out to run a couple of errands this evening, and stopped into my local Target store for a few things (some of which will be the subject of my next post.)  It’s cool out, so I looked into the case of the Starbucks there, and they had only one of my very favorite treats left. The Cranberry Bliss Bar.

Picture from the Starbucks’ website

I live for the Cranberry Bliss Bar every fall, (and pomegranates) ever since I discovered it by accident one day a number of years ago. I was again ill with yet another throat infection, and I stopped at Target to get my prescription filled. It was a cold winter day, and I wandered over to Starbucks and asked for something sweet with my coffee. I ended up with a CBB. . .and fell in love with it.

Hey–I was running a fever. It was cold out. I deserved it.

And my coffee in Starbucks is decaf drip. No expensive fancy stuff–just decaf drip. I think they call it Americano. Works for me. Except for my birthday when they give me a free drink of my choice. THEN I get me a decaf Latte.

If I were going to pick a last meal, one dessert would be a combination of chocolate and raspberry, and the other would be a Cranberry Bliss Bar. Maybe two.

Since that day of being ill, I look for them every year. They are sweet and delicious with a couple of different tastes running through it. Yellow cake base with white chocolate  chunks and chopped dried cranberries in the cake. Topping that is a cream cheese icing and white chocolate orange icing drizzled over that one.

Diabetics. . .start your insulins.

Really, I’m one of those “health food nuts” from way back. I believe in eating to keep your body working properly. Sweets and other non-nutrient foods should be minimal. But when it comes to something with chocolate and raspberry (get out of the way or else), or red velvet cake, or heck, even a good birthday or wedding cake–sometimes, I just can’t resist. And this time of the year, it’s the Cranberry Bliss Bar that does it for me. I want. . . .

The first time I bought one, it was about $1.50 or so. Today expect to pay $2.45 for one of those babies, and that’s what I did last year–bought ONE. And likely, the one I had tonight may be the only one I get.

I think that I may be able to bake a version of them myself. If I ever do, I’ll let you know. I keep saying that, and I even take notes to be able to do it. With the ingredients page, I bet I can craft a good version of it, too.

For now, I will be happy to have one, maybe two, before they go away for another year.

If you’re someone who likes a good sweet now and again, head to your nearest Starbucks–soon–for a holiday Cranberry Bliss Bar. They’ll start to disappear right after the first of the year, so get moving.

And no, you don’t have to buy coffee if you don’t want to. Just enjoy a little slice of cranberry heaven.

Happy Dining!

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