Still writing. . .(short post)

Happy Saturday, Dear Readers:

My apologies for not posting in so long. We haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Yet.

I’ve been working it every day, primarily in the legal genre, although I do get client work that isn’t. It’s interesting, researching different subjects, but it does take time. And then there’s the house.

The famous countertop dishwasher is still doing great, and I brag about it regularly. It still runs like a dream, and is a big help in keeping the kitchen from becoming a nightmare.

I’ve actually got a couple more additions to tell you about soon, as well as some cookbook reviews. I bought and returned one cookbook because it was supposed to be “clean” but really wasn’t.

And then there’s BF, who has been reluctantly tasting some new things I’ve made recently. But mostly he goes around telling people that I’m trying to do him in. Still. Or again, I’m never sure. A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with his sister-in-law, answering her questions about blogging. BF was heard over the phone telling her, “she has tried to kill me, multiple times!” He rattled off a few dishes that he tells everyone about, like Overnight Oatmeal. The SIL was laughing on the other end.

Tonight we were invited to Big H’s place for pizza. No, it wasn’t gluten free. No, I didn’t indulge. My stomach was bothering me, and I wasn’t interested. But Big H is pretty proud of the brick pizza oven he constructed by hand in the rear of his property. Rightfully so, because it’s lovely but unfinished. It’s thoroughly functional, though:

That does remind me of my fireplace in Houston. I really do miss it. I’m gunning for BF to get us a digital fireplace heater that we can keep in the living room and pretend it’s a wood-burning model. The GER calls that sort of thing a “fake-me-out fireplace.” I wouldn’t mind, just a small one.

BF gobbled up some homemade pizza and I had some Tums. Oh, well.

The garden is still not dug yet, but we’ve had a cold spring, so I’m afraid of putting the tomato plants out too early. I’m cloning basil again, so I hope to have plenty again this year, much to BF’s chagrin. I’ve got seeds galore, some of which came with me from the Genoa Friendship Garden.

I’m hoping to get far enough ahead this week to write a couple of blog posts, but it depends on how the week goes. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for sticking with me. We’re still around.


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