The unscheduled absence (short post)

Hello, Dear Readers:

Since my last posting, I’ve had some obstacles hit me like a bucket of water, and I’m beat. When I worked in IT, Aunt Ruth used to call it OBE–“overcome by obstacles.” I’m still working some things out, but I’m planning a couple of new blog posts with some updates on new trends and things I’ve read about and found.

Yes, I still read The Wall Street Journal. Yes, there are, occasionally, recipes in the paper, but no, I’ve not tried them.

While there hasn’t been much from the garden, I have, unfortunately, created a monster. Last year I decided to try planting a pineapple top after finding the directions online. Yes, it works. Boy does it work. OMG does it work. It’s been in an orange paint bucket since I finally got around to planting it, and now it’s outgrown it. I just keep watering the bloody thing hoping I can either give it to someone, or something. I’ll post a picture of it so you can see what I’m talking about. I think I have a picture of it just after I’d planted it.

WARNING: don’t plant the top of a pineapple unless you have lot of a) room,b), patience, and c), room. Seriously.

The cat’s fine, she’s just hanging out and, well, doing what cats do best. Sleep. Lucky you.

Anyway, I’ve not forgotten to write, just had my attention taken away for a while. I’ll be back soon with more stuff to make your head spin.

Happy Dining!

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