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Evening, Fellow Foodies:

If you’re watching the Academy Awards, enjoy. I’m just not into it. I’m not insulting anyone who enjoys it, just. . .not my thing. I understand at this moment that Life of Pi won an award for something. Of course, I REALLY enjoyed the picture on Facebook of a big guy in a little boat eating pie with the front of the boat out of the water and a big ginger kitty at the helm. TOO funny, but not enough detail to show it here. Darnit. Beautiful kitty, too.

Speaking of kitties, Jezebel the Step-kitty got out today and literally went over the wall. Once I got my heart re-started, I went out and got her. She got some milk today, though, guess it gave her the gumption to jump up a 5′ Hardy Plank wall. Darn cat. I did buy a lot more kitty food for her today, though. She likes the Fancy Feast with the little cheese bits in it. Hope it’s good for her. The owner says she’s “spoiled.” Got a thing or two to teach HIM about taking care of cats.

I’ve been on a quest for good health for many years, never wanting to be unnecessarily sick with stuff that’s preventable. I’ve never smoked, never used illicit drugs, and rarely drink. It helps, I guess, but I’m not testing that by trying something different.

My father for many years told the story of an unnamed cousin who started serving her family TV dinners when they first came out, because they were new and “so easy!” Then one day, she woke up and couldn’t move her left side; she ended up in the hospital herself with malnutrition. I have no idea who this person is, we never met her; I’d presume she’s long ago gone to her reward. But that stuck with me, truth or fiction, and I vowed it would never happen to me.

A few years ago, there was an email circulating with people from all over the world with a month’s worth of food. While Italy was pasta and things, Asian folks had rice and stuff, but this is what they showed for Americans:


I found this picture on Google, it’s been around a while, so I’m guessing the little guy is full grown now. I’m sure they’re nice people, but. . .it’s all processed food and takeout pizza! There is no REAL FOOD here.

I’m all for the occasional takeout when life gets overwhelming, but there is no nutrition in this kitchen. The cheese on the pizza is likely not real cheese, depending on where it was ordered from.

I get it. We’re busy. But this is what a good part of Americans eat now. And it shows when you go out in public and see the results. Until folks get it that processed food isn’t really food and WILL make you sick eventually, we’ll see a lot more obesity, diabetes, and other preventable illnesses.

I never forgot that picture, and it’s even more true today. Honey Boo Boo, anyone?

In the name of health, wellness and keeping my weight down, I’ve done low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, yeast free, “just eat good,” and yes, vegetarian eating. (Thought I’d starve to death with that one.) Because “red meat’s gonna kill ya!” (Rubbish.)  Low carb is my favorite, because you don’t have to go hungry, and the food is good if you know what you’re doing. (Note: avoid stuff marked “low carb” because it likely has stuff in it that you don’t want.) I like eggs nearly any way you can fix them. However, as far as losing weight, the hCG diet is what took off nearly 65 pounds before things went pear-shaped for me last year. I’m working on getting back my equilibrium, one bit at a time.

I shifted from low-fat to low-carb when the original version of SugarBusters came out. I know you can get the “mass market” version on Amazon now, but I have the original 1995 self-published version, which was only published in New Orleans. I actually attended a dinner with one of the authors–I don’t know which one–in 1997. It was an interesting lecture, and he was very nice. I didn’t completely understand cutting carbs yet, but I quit using powdered coffee creamer immediately.  (Yuck!)

Then all my friends who were doing SugarBusters shifted onto the next big thing, which was the blood-type diet. I stuck with SugarBusters until I started reading Suzanne Somers’ books, which were pretty much along the same line (and had delicious food in them, too!) A couple of years ago, my own doctor told me that my blood type is the one to avoid wheat and eat low-carb.

I am, as I’ve been saying for years, a cat. I have blood tests to prove it.

Anyway. . .since I started reading Wheat Belly and its companion cookbook, I’ve seen lots of recipes for dairy, something I quit a few years ago. I did the Yeast-Free diet one day and never went back to dairy. A little butter here, a little occasional cheese, but no milk, cream or half-and-half, just almond milk. But Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly, says, eat that cheese! I wanna kiss this man! (Missed my chance, but you get the idea.)

There are differing schools of thought on whether dairy is good for you or not. Me, I love it, but I mostly stopped it a few years ago. Like welcoming an old friend back, you know?

Along the same lines, there was an article last week in the distinguished Wall Street Journal by a lady named Melanie Warner. Her new book, Pandora’s Lunch Box, comes out this week. But after hearing Dr. Davis, and reading part of his books, this article is along the same lines, although she doesn’t go into wheat specifically here. But it’s another example of what we’re eating in the USA (and indeed, many parts of the world) that is far away from what real food started out as.

No, I don’t buy frozen chicken strips, or anything like that. I’m sure that if I had kids, they would consider themselves the most deprived children on earth because I would not give them “Lunchables.” Anyway. . . .

Today I decided to make a veg frittata for breakfast this week from last year’s Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof.

It has CHEESE!! And I don’t have to make breakfast this week. Just heat and eat. Well, this is what it looks like in the book:

Foolproof Frittata recipe

Worked my paws off, and this is what mine looks like, without a food stylist:

Amy's Frittata

Dunno why it’s all burned (it has since deflated.)  And some of the veggies got a bit blackened. Wonder if the big oven isn’t heating correctly.

It has yummy Parmesan cheese and Gruyere cheese. Well, I decided to get some less-expensive Swiss cheese today, since it tastes about the same. I like Gruyere, mind you, but it was about $8 for a square, and the Swiss was about $3. Next time.

After two Larabars this afternoon (Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte) I didn’t really have dinner; I’ve been mostly nibbling on shards of Parm cheese, drinking tea with milk/half&half and, well, nibbling.

I’ll let you know how it tastes later. . .meantime, I’ve gotta hit the showers and get some sleep. And nibble on some more Parm cheese shards. Back on it tomorrow.

Happy Dining!

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